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Discover the Transformative Power of Regression Therapy

Discover the transformative power of Regression Therapy. 🌟 Regression Therapy is an invaluable tool for facing our personal history, accepting it, and reconciling with it. It offers us the opportunity to emotionally heal all aspects of our lives in the "here and now," opening doors to a future full of possibilities. With Regression Therapy, we explore the point of origin of personality conflicts and dissatisfactions that may affect our daily lives. Often, these issues manifest as obsessions, phobias, deep-seated fears, character disorders, psychosomatic symptoms, and more. This technique helps us understand their origin and clear the emotional blocks that hinder our progress. Additionally, Regression Therapy invites us to delve into the profound mysteries of our being, finding meaning and explanation for what often seems inexplicable in our lives. It provides us with a greater sense of inner peace and allows us to release emotional burdens we have carried for too long.

Most Common Regressions I Work Within My Practice

Each person has a different healing need, so there is no standard process; however, there are some elements that are common in trauma healing processes through Regression Therapy:

🤰 Regression to the Womb
During the magical nine months of gestation, the mother's emotional state profoundly influences the biopsychosocial development of the baby. This period, along with events before, during, and after birth, shapes what is known as the "Sense Project." In this sense, Regression Therapy to the Womb gives us the opportunity to explore these crucial stages of our existence to reprogram and transform our deepest emotional experiences.
By immersing ourselves in regression to the womb and the moment of birth, we can reconfigure the bodily records imprinted on our physical, emotional, and energetic beings. This powerful technique allows us to unearth cellular memories and release deep-seated emotional blocks, paving the way for a fuller and more balanced life.

Regression to Childhood 👶👦👧

Inner Child Healing: We've all had moments of difficulty as children, and many of us have suffered traumas. Some events have been more painful than others, and depending on the resources we had at the time, we emerged victorious or simply learned to "Survive." Through accessing and reprogramming unconscious memories, we dissolve and unlock conflicts, looking with love, healing, and accepting what happened in a different way.

Regression to Past Lives 📽

Based on the principles of renowned experts like Brian Weiss and José Luis Cabouli, as well as my personal experience in the transpersonal field, I offer you a unique opportunity to explore the depths of your being.
What is regression to past lives? In a past life regression session, the person is immersed in a state of deep relaxation through techniques such as hypnosis or guided visualization. During this altered state of consciousness, the person is led to remember and relive experiences from past lives that may be related to current challenges in their life. By accessing these past experiences and understanding how they are connected to the present, individuals can experience deep emotional and spiritual healing. Additionally, past life regression often includes interaction with significant figures from past lives, as well as the exploration of life lessons and karmic themes.

Transgenerational Regression?

Transgenerational regression is a powerful healing technique that allows us to unravel the invisible threads connecting our present with our family's past. By delving into the depths of our family history, we can discover how our ancestors' unresolved experiences have left a mark on our current life.
This therapeutic technique invites us to explore the events and traumas that have occurred in previous generations, revealing how they have influenced our physical, emotional, and mental health. By understanding these influences, we can free ourselves from repetitive patterns, resolve deep-seated conflicts, and heal inherited traumas that affect us in the present.
Transgenerational regression offers us the opportunity to reconcile with our family's past, freeing ourselves from emotional burdens that do not belong to us and recognizing our place in history. In doing so, we open the door to a fuller, more balanced, and conscious life, where we can honor and learn from our ancestors while moving forward on our own path of healing and personal growth. Immerse yourself in this profound exploration and discover the transformative power of transgenerational regression. 🌟

Regression to a Traumatic Moment 🔴

Trauma, as Peter Levine reminds us, is a common experience in life, but it does not have to define us eternally. However, its effects can manifest in physical and emotional symptoms that prevent us from living fully. It disconnects us from ourselves, others, and the world around us, leaving us trapped in a cycle of fear and pain.
But Regression Therapy offers a light in the darkness of trauma. By exploring and healing painful events from the past, we can free ourselves from the weight that has held us back for so long. Like shells holding the story of the sea, our traumatic experiences leave imprints on our being. However, through trauma transformation, we can find a new order of trust and vitality, restoring our connection to life and opening the door to a future full of hope and possibility. Immerse yourself in this profound healing journey and rediscover your power to transcend trauma and flourish in all your splendor. 🌊

Regression in Search of the Origin of an Illness ☣🧬

Discover the magic of Biodecoding and connect with your deepest self in search of the origin of your symptoms or illnesses. 🌿 Have you ever wondered why your body manifests certain physical or emotional discomforts? Regression in search of the origin of an illness invites you to explore the hidden message behind each symptom, unraveling its biological purpose and revealing the healing power that resides within you.
Dive into the journey toward natural healing, where every illness becomes an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. Connect with your deepest essence and discover how each symptom is a gateway to the integral healing of your being. Open the doors to a full and healthy life, where your well-being is the top priority! 🌟

Discover the Journey of Regression Therapy

In regression therapy sessions, you'll immerse yourself in an induction process designed to lead your mind and spirit into states of deep relaxation. With an expert combination of techniques such as relaxation, visualization, hypnosis, and more, I will gently guide you to a space where you can explore the depths of your being.
Each session is unique, tailored to your needs and personal pace. Whether you find it easy to let go of control or need a little more time to open up, I'll be by your side to accompany you every step of the way. Together, we'll remove expectations and fears that may hinder your experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the healing process.
Once the altered state of consciousness is reached, the real adventure will begin: the regression itself. I'll take you on a journey through time, exploring key moments of your past to unravel the mysteries that have shaped your present.
Conscious Experience in Regression Therapy

Worried about losing control during a Regression Therapy session?

Worry no more! With our expert and carefully designed approach, you'll be fully conscious at all times, even when you dive into deep states of relaxation.
Imagine your experience in Regression Therapy as an exciting visit to the cinema, where you're the protagonist of your own movie. As we progress through your session, you'll be fully present, seeing and feeling every scene unfolding before you. I assure you that you'll never lose control; on the contrary, you'll have the power to direct your experience, intervening when you wish to make it even more vivid and meaningful.
Reconnection and Transformation

My goal is to provide you with a therapeutic experience that allows you to explore the depths of your being safely and confidently. So relax, immerse yourself in the process, and let yourself be carried away by the most exciting journey of self-discovery in your life.

With my expert technique, the experiences, emotions, and sensations you'll experience will be so vivid and powerful that they'll linger in your memory for years. Each regression will provide you with an unforgettable and transformative experience that will accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and emotional healing.

Have you experienced recurrent dreams that seem to be related to past lives?

Many people share this fascinating connection between dreams and past life experiences. However, it's important to remember that these connections aren't always literal and may require careful interpretation.
In my practice as a holistic psychologist, I've observed how past life experiences often reflect in the dreams of the people I counsel in my practice. These dreams can act as messages from the subconscious, helping to bring past experiences requiring healing to consciousness. By exploring these dreams in the context of regression therapy, we can unlock deep memories and facilitate a more complete and transformative healing process.

What can you expect after a regression?

The experience varies for each individual and the specific events experienced during the session. Some describe a sensation of "waking up from a long and deep sleep," while others may feel fatigue or a surge of energy and vitality. My main recommendation upon completing the session is to allow yourself to "be" the experience and rest in it. Observe your emotions and sensations in the days following, as these can be revealing signs of change and transformation in your present life.
Don't wait any longer to free yourself from emotional blocks, unravel the mysteries of your past lives, and take a step toward a fulfilling and meaningful life! 🌟 Book your session with me now and start your journey of self-exploration and healing.
Your emotional well-being is just a click away! 🌿✨

⏰🌿 Duration: 1.30 Hour

🌟 Exchange: €200

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