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Immerse yourself in the profound transformation of Psycho-Shamanic Healing: Release blockages, balance energies, and discover your inner power on this unique journey towards holistic well-being.

Welcome to the Fascinating World of Psycho-Shamanic Healing, where ancient arts intertwine with psychological mastery to provide you with an unparalleled healing experience!

I am Alejandra León, the creator of the Psycho-Shamanic Healing Method, a combination of my over 20 years of work as a psychologist and the integration of ancestral shamanic wisdom present in my blood, passed down by my great-grandmother who was a descendant of the Pijaos Tribe in Tolima, Colombia. The Teguas (indigenous medicine experts) had extensive knowledge of pharmacology through the use of natural substances, so I learned to practice medicine in the realms of healing, prevention, and spirituality. I do this with love, honor, and deep gratitude.

Psycho-Shamanic Healing

Immerse yourself in the profound transformation of Psycho-Shamanic Healing: Release blockages, balance energies, and discover your inner power on this unique journey towards holistic well-being.

🌿As a shaman and intuitive healer, the purpose of my soul is to help you heal and open yourself to a life full of health, abundance, peace, and happiness.

A space where ancient wisdom meets modern healing.

What is a Shaman?

The one who possesses Wisdom.

"Shaman," a word of Siberian origin, with the root "-sha" meaning knowledge.

We could say that a "shaman" is a "Man (or Woman) of Knowledge" or "the one who possesses Wisdom"

Imagine a wise guide who can travel between different dimensions, communicate with spirits, power animals, and subtle energies to bring healing and guidance to your life. Shamans are healers, counselors, and teachers who use ancestral practices and sacred rituals to restore balance and harmony in your life.

Through unique ceremonies and rituals, the shaman seeks not only to heal individuals but also to revitalize the community's connection with nature and the cosmos. This multifaceted practitioner can play various roles, from being a mediator between the living and the dead to a healer who uses the power of plants and herbal knowledge for deep healing.

Join me on this transformative journey and discover the shamanic healing that will change your life.

Psycho-Shamanism in Action:

As a shaman, I have the gift of perceiving and feeling the energetic blueprint of your soul. In each session, I tune into the areas where you may be blocked or stuck, identifying those areas that need to be illuminated and revitalized. My connection extends between the tangible and intangible world, allowing me to gracefully guide and move in both realms.

With the guidance of my spiritual guides, ascended masters, and other multidimensional beings, I have the ability to see, feel, and perceive the core issues that are hindering you. I analyze where your energy is being depleted and which aspects of your being need nurturing to achieve complete balance in all your bodies.

In my sessions, I merge advanced psychology techniques with tools such as pranic healing, biodecoding, reiki, family constellations, and astral healing, among others. I use powerful tools like smudging with sacred plants, herbal oils, aromatic essences, crystals, and eggs to enhance and accelerate your healing process.

Imagine freeing yourself from emotional and energetic burdens that have been holding you back. Experience profound transformation as we together unlock the barriers that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

You are about to embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Healing sessions may include:

📖🔍 Shamanic diagnostic reading to work on life purpose and challenges

🎶🌌 Shamanic journey with spiritual guides through breathwork and music

💔✨Soul retrieval: repairing the soul after trauma

🤲🔒 Cutting parasitic cords, releasing emotional and spiritual attachments

🛡️🌑 Techniques for protection against negative energies

With Psycho-Shamanic Healing, you will experience a transformation that goes beyond the conventional, positively impacting all aspects of your life.

I help people from all over the world reconnect with the wisdom of their hearts, listen to the song of their souls, and rise, believing in their own exceptional power.

It's time for your transformation

No matter where you are! From the moment you step into my office or we enter a virtual healing room, I use all my senses and amplified knowledge to help you get to the bottom of your pain, not only mentally, emotionally, but also energetically, physically, or spiritually.

I have accompanied the healing of thousands of people around the world through my Medicine Woman. WHY NOT YOU TOO? I believe you are here to be free, to heal from bonds, beliefs, pains, conscious and unconscious traumas, to heal your body holistically, and ultimately, to BE HAPPY.

Your Healing Journey Begins Here! You are about to embark on a journey of self-discovery and revitalization.

Book your Psycho-Shamanic Healing session today and discover the power of the union between modern psychology and ancient shamanic wisdom.

Get ready for an experience that will change your life! 🌟✨

⏰🌿 Duration: 1.30 Hours

🌟 Exchange: ~$200

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