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Psycho Emotional Healing and Family Constellations

Ancestral Healing

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Welcome to the path of ancestral healing and connection with our deep roots!

Have you ever felt that your family relationships are marked by inexplicable conflicts or repetitive patterns that prevent you from finding harmony?

Have you wondered if those behaviors that limit you in your personal or professional life could have their origin in the experiences of your ancestors?

Have you experienced difficulties in your romantic relationship, facing obstacles in communication or conflicts that seem unsolvable?

Have you stopped to reflect on the possibility that your health problems, both physical and emotional, have systemic roots in your family tree?

Have you noticed that your financial or work difficulties could be related to unresolved stories in your family?

Have you felt the weight of guilt, shame, or invisible loyalties that limit your well-being and personal freedom?

Have you experienced losses or grief that seem to continue affecting your ability to move forward in life?

Have you questioned how your cultural identity and family dynamics have influenced your internal conflicts?

Have you faced challenges in your role as a parent, without fully understanding their origin?

Have you felt emotionally or spiritually stuck, unable to reach your deepest goals and dreams?

If any of these questions resonate with you, I invite you to explore the transformative power of ancestral healing and family constellations.

Let me take you on a journey towards deep healing, towards the heart of your ancestral lineage. In my over 20 years of experience as a spiritual healer and psychologist, I have witnessed the transformative power of family constellations and ancestral healing.

sacred journey, we will explore the roots of your being, unearthing the seeds of healing and growth. Family constellations allow us to see beyond the surface, revealing the hidden dynamics that influence our lives. Together, we will discover how your family's past events continue to resonate in your present, affecting your relationships, your emotional health, and your overall well-being.

What are Family Constellations?

In the vast tapestry of the universe, our souls are intertwined with ancestral threads that connect us to those who came before us. Family constellations immerse us in this ocean of connections, revealing the secrets buried in the depths of our lineage.

Every experience, every pain, every joy of our ancestors is reflected in us, like stars that illuminate the path to understanding and healing. Unresolved conflicts, unwept tragedies, thwarted loves of our ancestors resonate in our lives, shaping our relationships, our emotions, our very existence.

In this sacred journey towards healing, we recognize that we are stewards of a story larger than our own. The invisible bonds that connect us to those who came before us manifest in our everyday struggles, in our deepest tribulations. Illness, depression, failure, low self-esteem: all these are manifestations of an ancestral legacy crying out to be healed.

By opening ourselves to the wisdom of our roots, we unearth the seeds of transformation. We recognize the patterns that bind us, the mandates that limit us, the burdens we carry on behalf of our ancestors. In this act of love and redemption, we release our lineage's soul from the chains of the past.

Healing our ancestral line is not just an act of personal purification but an act of reverence towards those who came before us. In this sacred rite of passage, we bring order to the chaos of our psyche, weaving a new narrative for our family history. By embracing our inheritance with love and compassion, we chart a new destiny, honoring the light and shadow of our ancestors.

In this healing journey, we become witnesses to history, healers of souls, guardians of the ancestral legacy. With each constellation, each gaze into the past, we weave a new fabric of hope and redemption. In the eternal flow of time, we find healing, wholeness, peace that transcends the barriers of space and time.

May the love of our ancestors guide us on this eternal journey towards the light.

What to Expect from this Healing Journey?

Revelation: Open your heart to the light of truth. In this journey, you will unveil the hidden mysteries that have shaped your family history and destiny. You will discover the invisible threads that connect you to your ancestors, revealing the patterns and dynamics that have been operating in the shadows of your life. This revelation will lead you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the universe, illuminating the path to liberation and inner peace.

Healing: Through family constellations practices and connection with your ancestors, you will find the power to transform pain into love, sadness into joy, darkness into light. You will experience the loving embrace of your ancestors, guiding you on the path to deep healing of your soul. In this sacred encounter, you will heal the wounds of the past and open your heart to the fullness of the present.

Transformation: You will emerge from this journey as a new version of yourself, reborn in the sacred fire of transformation. You will experience a profound change in how you perceive yourself and your family, freeing yourself from the chains of the past and making space for new possibilities and personal growth. You will become the architect of your own destiny, weaving a new story for yourself and future generations.

Empowerment: Elevate your spirit to the heights of divine empowerment. In this journey, you will be guided to become the guardian of your own destiny, taking the reins of your life with wisdom and courage. You will be able to take conscious steps towards a life of fulfillment and realization, honoring your inner truth and following the voice of your heart.

What Happens in an Individual Family Constellations Session?

In the sacred space of family constellations and ancestral healing, we immerse ourselves in the mystery of the soul and explore the connections that bind us to our ancestors.

Invocation of the Soul: We begin this sacred encounter with a deep connection to your inner being. You bring to the table – Workspace an issue that is affecting your life at this moment, a wound to heal, a challenge to overcome. It is an offering from your soul, a declaration of your willingness to transform and grow.

Heart Dialogue: In a space of love and trust, we explore together your history, your memories, your emotions. Through a brief interview, we open the doors of your heart to reveal the invisible threads that tie you to your family system. We explore the memories of your childhood, the ties with your parents, grandparents, ancestors.

Constellation Ritual: With the loving guidance of the universe, we dive into the morphogenetic field, the invisible fabric that connects all souls. With the help of representatives, whether people or symbolic figures, we position the energies of your family system in the sacred space. This movement reveals the hidden dynamics, the buried secrets, the repetitive patterns that influence your life.

Healing Dance: Guided by ancestral wisdom, we immerse ourselves in the real experience of reconciliation, release, integration, and transcendence. In this sacred rite of passage, we create order and harmony in your family system and within your soul. Through the loving gaze of the heart, we heal the wounds of the past, honor our ancestors, and make space for new possibilities of love and wholeness.

Soul Rebirth: At the end of this healing journey, most hearts express a deep sense of peace and understanding. You rise renewed, freed from the chains of the past, empowered to embrace your true essence and walk the path of life with grace and dignity.

Working with Me

The sessions I offer are a portal to deep healing, both in the virtual realm and in the sacred sanctuary of the in-person.

Individual Sessions:

In my experience, I have observed that both formats are equally powerful, as they share the same essence and divine purpose.

In the space of the individual session, I can dive into the depths of your being for approximately an hour and a half, allowing each movement, each revelation, each whisper of the soul to be explored with dedication and compassion. This intimate and personalized approach gives you the opportunity to fully integrate the movements towards solutions that arise during the constellation process. Each step on the path of healing becomes a sacred dance between the soul and the universe, guided by love and divine wisdom.
Group Sessions:

In group session

we come together as a sacred tribe, sharing the journey of healing in community. In this circle of love and support, each participant has the opportunity to be seen, heard, and held in their process of transformation. As we work together in group constellations, we weave a tapestry of collective healing, uplifting the spirits of all present and honoring the legacy of our ancestors.

Whether you choose the solitary path of the individual session or join the warm embrace of the group, each encounter is an invitation to introspection, growth, and connection with your true essence. In this sacred journey, I will guide you with love and wisdom, like a beacon in the darkness, towards the light of healing and wholeness.

Ancestral Healing and Mediumship

In the path of ancestral healing and the exploration of family constellations, my being merges with the energies of the universe, allowing my high intuitive capacity to become a divine guide on this spiritual journey.

My senses are attuned to pick up the subtle vibrations of the soul and the deep connections that bind us to our ancestors. Beyond simply reading the family tree, I am able to delve into the depths of the family unconscious, contacting, seeing, and feeling the hidden dynamics that influence our lives. It is through this intuitive connection that I can facilitate healing on all levels: physical, energetic, and familial.

In my work, I am guided by the language of the body, the feelings expressed, and my intuitive perception. As a psychologist, I possess a "clinical eye" that allows me to read the situation from a psychological perspective, while my gifts of mediumship enable me to propose systemic movements, ritual exercises, and psychomagic practices to heal the soul on both a personal and family level.

Each session becomes a sacred ritual, where the light of healing spills over every present soul. Through the integration of various therapeutic and spiritual practices, we work on all planes of existence to achieve fulfillment and harmony in the heart and soul.

What is Ancestral Healing Therapy For?

Through Ancestral Healing Therapy / Transgenerational Therapy, we can bring to light those secrets, those hidden dynamics, we can understand the place we occupy in the family, whether we belong in that place or not, the roles we are playing; having this clear is very important because many of the problems and difficulties in relationships with family, partners, parents, and siblings come from not being in the place that corresponds to us.

Family and Social Balance: It allows us to harmonize family, social, and community systems, understanding family loyalty and cultivating healthy rebellion when necessary.

Conflict Resolution: It enables us to resolve conflicts with parents, siblings, and other family members, restoring peace and harmony in our relationships.

Facing Death and Separation: It helps us face death and separations with courage and serenity, understanding the sacred nature of these processes.

Dealing with Illness and Fear: It provides us with the tools to understand, accept, and manage illness, as well as to confront and overcome fear in all its forms.

Emotional and Relational Clarity: It helps us understand and differentiate our emotions and feelings towards others, cultivating more authentic and deeper relationships.

Spiritual Acceptance and Understanding: It guides us towards acceptance of human imperfections and mistakes, recognizing that even sins have consequences that can be transformative.

Improvement in Couple's Relationship: It allows us to accept our partner as they are, promoting deeper communication and a more sacred and connected sexuality.

Inner Balance and Inner Peace: It helps us regain inner balance and develop a deeper social commitment to the world around us.

Happiness and Soul Fulfillment: It guides us towards true peace and happiness, reminding us that these states are achievements of the soul, attained through the spiritual journey of ancestral healing.

A beautiful journey awaits you in your ancestral healing process! If you still harbor any doubts or concerns, I invite you to leave them behind and take the first step towards transformation and fulfillment.

Book your session now and start this sacred journey of healing and light!

Allow me to be your guide on this journey of discovery and liberation. I am here to accompany you with love and compassion every step of the way.

First session: $150

Follow-up sessions: €100

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