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PsychoShamanic Healing

I'm Alejandra León, creator of the PsychoShamanic Healing method, the result of over 25 years of practice investigating how the holistic treatment of mind, body and soul can bring about breakthrough results in people's lives. This method combines learning from my years as a professionally-trained psychologist with the Shamanic healing tradition of the indigenous tribes of Colombia where I was born.

Beyond the Five Senses

In my work I connect to the world unseen by the five senses, working with angels and other higher dimensional beings. In this dimension beyond time and space I employ techniques such as pranic healing, reiki, family constellations, therapeutic tarot and much more. Sacred smudging, herbal oils, aromatic essences, crystals, plants or eggs often come into play as well.

Union of Mind, Body & Soul

Every one of my healing sessions is an adventure into the depths of one's soul where truly transformative, profound healing is to be found. Balancing your aura, chakras, eliminating energetic blockages and opening life's pathways will be an essential part of the therapy. The results are profound and long-lasting, affecting every aspect of your life.

Sessions are approximately 1 hour long

Holistic Psychology

Energy Healing

Family Constellations - Ancestral Healing

Psychotarot - Egyptian Tarot Reading

Channeling with guides, angels, masters, or beings of light

$88 / €88 per Session

English or Spanish

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