Alejandra León

Family Constellations at the Portal

July 10th, 2024 from 6:30 to 8:30

Family Constellations at the Portal

Where: The Portal, 1304 Oak St., Jacksonville

Price: $40 advance, $45 at the door



You may not have realized it yet, but your ancestors' unresolved pain points might be blocking your path toward a life filled with joy, peace, and prosperity. These energies are subtle and deep and manifest in your everyday experiences as invisible patterns that influence your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Have you ever wondered why certain aspects of your life don't flow as you'd like? It's quite likely that ancestral wounds are creating obstacles.

Family constellations are for you if you experience any of the following:

  • Unsatisfying personal relationships: romantic, friends, coworkers, etc.
  • Persistent financial or professional problems
  • Problematic or conflicted family relationships
  • Deep-seated guilt or paralyzing shame
  • Addictions that bind you
  • A sense of not belonging or not feeling connected to life
  • Unresolved losses or grief that affect your ability to move forward in life
  • Conflicts related to integrating cultural, racial or sexual identity

All these are signs that family traumas have not yet found the light to heal. It's time to look back and recognize that we often carry within ourselves the unresolved burdens of our ancestors.

Shaman Ale and Pathfinder Jay invite you to explore this deep connection in our upcoming workshop on family constellations. It will be a sacred space where you can open yourself to ancestral wisdom and free yourself from the chains of the past. Together, we'll shed light on these hidden traumas so that you can reclaim your power and move towards the full life you deserve.

This will be the first of periodic family constellation workshops and we're offering a highly discounted price for this first 2 hour session. There are only 12 free spaces so make sure to reserve your place!

People in the group will be able to bring a specific issue that they wish to resolve. Ale and Jay will then guide the group where some participants will represent key family members. Through guided movement and intuitive reactions the family trauma is uncovered. Ale and Jay will channel information to guide the exercise towards recognition of the trauma so that acceptance, healing and harmony can take place. Even though one person will present the theme, all involved are part of the shared energy field so that the healing energy ripples through all the family systems represented by the group.

You may bring an issue to resolve but it’s not mandatory. We will randomly select 3 or 4 issues for resolution depending on how long they take.

About us:

Ale and Jay are a couple that recently relocated to Jacksonville bringing with them a deep understanding of holistic healing practices. Ale has been a professional therapist for over 20 years combining the shamanic traditions of her native Colombia with a degree in psychology and extensive studies of a multitude of holistic energy healing techniques in Europe where she lived for over 15 years. Jay has specialized in spiritual pathfinding and energy healing based on a combination of reiki, pranic healing, reflexology and pendulum work. Over time Ale and Jay have refined a form of working together where the equilibriums of masculine-feminine and heaven-earth energies set the stage for healing breakthroughs for the people that choose to work with them.