Sturgeon Full Moon August: A Portal of Inner Transformation

Embrace the Mystical Energy of the Sturgeon Full Moon 🌕✨

The Sturgeon Full Moon is the name of August's Full Moon.

🌕 Indigenous tribes of North America knew that in August, the giant sturgeon of the Great Lakes were most readily caught. The sturgeon is a very large, prehistoric-looking fish that has changed very little in over 100 million years. It is truly a "living fossil."
Sturgeon Full Moon Ritual - Red Moon This Full Moon is also known as the Red Moon

As we enter the second half of the year, we begin to notice things that need to be removed. What habit would you like to see go the way of the dinosaurs in your life? What is hindering you or holding you back?

🌕 The Sturgeon Full Moon, named after the ancient fish that was abundant in lakes during this time, symbolizes a time of abundance and spiritual awakening. 🐟🌾 Just as the sturgeon swims against the current, it reminds us to navigate life's challenges with strength and determination. 💪🌊

🌝✨ Embrace the Sturgeon Full Moon's energy to dive deep into your inner self, connecting with your intuition and higher consciousness. 🌌🔮 This is a potent time for self-reflection, setting intentions, and aligning with your soul's purpose. 🌟💫

🌙💭 During this powerful lunar phase, the cosmos beckon us to release what no longer serves us, making space for new growth and possibilities. 🌱🌗 Let go of old patterns and embrace the transformative energy of the Sturgeon Full Moon. 🌌🌈

🌕✨ As the Sturgeon Full Moon illuminates the night, its light acts as a guide on our spiritual journey. 🌌🚀 Embrace this time for healing, self-discovery, and connecting with the universe's sacred wisdom. Let the moon's essence inspire you to step into your authentic power. 🌝💖

Keep it! How do I harness its energy? — During a Full Moon, our emotions are amplified, and dreams are intensified. For some people, it is a time of balanced energies. The light of the full moon illuminates our world, allowing us to see the situations in our lives and in our relationships with other people more clearly. It allows us to see things we have ignored or repressed, but also allows us to let go of things or people we have outgrown. Full Moons are a good time to start a new ritual or project.

🌝🌌 Happy Sturgeon Full Moon, dear souls! May this magical lunar event fill your heart with abundance, inner strength, and divine wisdom. 🌙🌠 Embrace the mystical energy and let it guide you on your spiritual path. 🌌🌟

Magical Ritual for the Sturgeon Full Moon to Release and Let Go ✨

Let's celebrate this Sturgeon Full Moon with a special ritual to release negative habits and make way for a new reality filled with positivity. 🕯️✨

🌟 Preparations:

Get a black candle and purifying incense (such as lavender, cinnamon, sage, palo santo, or rosemary).
Take a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil.
Find a quiet place where you can perform the ritual without interruptions.

🌟 Step-by-step:

Light the candle and incense on your altar or a safe spot.
Take three deep breaths, feeling how you expel negativity from your body and space with each exhalation.
On the paper, write down the habit you wish to leave behind. Visualize how that negative energy is released from you and transmuted into light.
Carefully burn the paper in the flame of the candle and place it in a fireproof container. Observe how the paper is consumed, symbolizing the complete release of the unwanted habit.
Now, write a new description of yourself in the present tense, positively stating who you wish to be. For example, "I am a confident and empowered person."
Repeat this affirmation three times, feeling it anchoring within you.
Place this new affirmation in a special spot, like your journal or a sacred corner. This will serve as a daily reminder of your intention and strengthen you throughout the lunar cycle.

This ritual will help you shed old patterns and embrace the transformative energy of the Sturgeon Full Moon. May the magic of this Full Moon accompany you on your journey towards growth and spiritual connection! 🌕🌌

Magical Ritual for the Sturgeon Full Moon to Attract Abundance 🌕💰


Laurel leaves
Cinnamon stick or powder
A bill of any denomination

Find a quiet place without distractions to perform the ritual.
Place a white or golden candle in the center to represent the light of the full moon.
Light the candle and take deep breaths to center yourself in the present moment.

Preparing the ingredients:
Take a handful of rice and visualize it representing the abundance and prosperity you wish to attract into your life.
Add some laurel leaves, symbolizing success and victory in your projects and goals.
Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon, representing positive energy and increased financial opportunities.

Charging the energy:
Take the bill and hold it between your hands.
Close your eyes and visualize the energy of the full moon enveloping the bill with bright and abundant light.
Feel the positive energy flowing into the bill, infusing it with your intentions of prosperity and well-being.

Creating the abundance amulet:
Place the bill on top of the mixture of rice, laurel, and cinnamon.
Carefully fold the bill, ensuring the ingredients remain inside.
Take a piece of paper and write down your desires for abundance, success, and prosperity. Place this paper alongside the folded bill.

Closing the ritual:
Hold the package with the bill, ingredients, and paper in front of the lit candle.
Visualize your desires manifesting in your life, and feel grateful for the abundance you are about to receive.
Finally, express gratitude to the energy of the full moon and the entire universe for hearing and responding to your intentions.

You can keep this powerful talisman in a special place, like your altar or a sacred box, to keep the energy of abundance present in your life.
Each time you see the amulet, remember your desires and visualize them coming true.
On August 31st, use the bill to buy something that represents abundance to you.
Dispose of the other ingredients in nature.

Remember that this abundance full moon ritual is a powerful tool to focus your intentions and attract prosperity into your life. May the light of the full moon illuminate your path to abundance and success!

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