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Shamanic Ritual for the Last Full Moon of the Year- Renewal and Abundance

Shamanic Ritual for the Last Full Moon of the Year: Renewal and Abundance ✨🌕

Dear spiritual tribe, the last full moon of the year is approaching—a sacred moment to close cycles, express gratitude, and sow the seeds of transformation. In this shamanic ritual, we will connect with the ancestral energy of the Earth, using powerful symbols: pumpkin, beans, corn, and rosemary.

🎃 Pumpkin: Symbol of Transformation
The pumpkin, with its round shape and seed-filled interior, represents the constant transformation of life. By using it in this ritual, we connect with the energy of transmutation, letting go of the old and welcoming the new.

🌱 Beans: Seeds of Abundance
Beans, small seeds full of potential, symbolize abundance and prosperity. By offering beans to the water during the ritual, we are planting the seed of our deepest desires, trusting that they will bloom and bring us abundance in the upcoming cycle.

🌽 Corn: Rebirth and Connection to the Earth
Corn, an ancestral gift from Mother Earth, represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. By incorporating corn into the ritual, we connect with the wisdom of nature, reminding ourselves that we are part of an eternal cycle.

🌿 Rosemary: Purification and Protection
Rosemary, with its purifying aroma, accompanies us in the ritual to cleanse stagnant energies and protect us on our spiritual journey. By submerging rosemary in the water, we purify our paths and make room for new blessings.

🌊 Water Offering: Symbol of Renewal
At the climax of the ritual, we will offer these elements to the water, a symbol of emotional and spiritual connection. By doing so, we allow the river of life to carry away what we no longer need, paving the way for renewal and the flow of positive energies.

🌟 Call to Action!
Brothers and sisters of light, I invite you to join this powerful shamanic ritual to close the year with gratitude and renewal. 🌕✨ Prepare your elements, find a tranquil place by the water, and let the ancestral magic guide your path.

Together, let's weave the net of positive energy for the upcoming new cycle! 🌈💫

With love,

Alejandra León


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