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Explore the fascinating meaning of the number 21- 21:21 in Numerology, Tarot and Angels.

  • Have you noticed the recurring presence of the number 21 in your life and wonder what it could mean?
  • Would you like to discover how numbers can reveal secrets about your personal growth? We will talk from three perspectives: Angels guides, numerology and Tarot.

What does it mean to see 21 A perspective from the guides, Guardian Angels and the therapeutic Tarot?

In the fascinating world of numerology, the number 21 carries with it a powerful and complex message. As we explore its meaning, we discover a unique fusion of energies derived from its components, the numbers 1 and 2. These numbers, although distinct in their essence, combine to form a unique and balanced vibration in the number 21. The 1 brings qualities of leadership, ambition and new beginnings, while the 2 infuses energies of cooperation, diplomacy and duality. Together, they create a number that resonates with harmony and creativity, providing a complete perspective on human experiences.

Breakdown of the reduction of the number 21 to 3 and its connection to the number 7: When we explore the reduction of the number 21 by adding its individual digits (2 + 1), we find the number 3. This reduction process not only simplifies the number, but also reveals a deep connection to the number 3 and its associated meanings. The number 3 in numerology symbolizes the balance and connection between the mind, body and soul. It represents the trinity and harmony in all things.

In addition, the number 21 has a fascinating connection to the number 7, as it is composed of three 7's (3x7=21). The number 7 is considered spiritually significant and is associated with wisdom, introspection and the search for truth. This connection amplifies the spirituality inherent in the number 21, suggesting a deep connection to inner knowledge and spiritual understanding. Together, these numerological elements offer a holistic and spiritual view of the number 21, inviting us to explore the deeper dimensions of our being. As spiritual healers, we can employ this knowledge to guide others on their journey toward authenticity and enlightenment.

Spiritual Meaning of 21:

Get ready to move on to a new stage in life:. You are about to progress to the next level. The next stage in your life is coming, so get ready to receive it. is coming.

This is a good time to communicate to the Universe where you would like these new opportunities to appear. If you don't like your job, this is a good time to look for new job opportunities. If you are unhappy with your career, this could be a sign that you should consider a change.

The meaning of the angelic number 21 is to prepare you to move in the direction of your spiritual mission. To move in the right direction, you need to know where you want to go. Do you know what your life purpose or spiritual mission is? What your ambitions are? How do you define fulfillment? What are your unique talents? This is a good time to reflect on these questions. Once you know where you want to go, you can think about how to get there. It's time to prepare to move on to a new stage in life, but only you know where you want to go. Trust your intuition.

The angelic number 21 is a message to pay attention, be open and be aware.

Luck is coming into your life: Many people consider 21 a lucky number because the letter U is the 21st letter of the alphabet and the U is shaped like a horseshoe, which is a symbol of good luck. Therefore, when you see the angelic number 21, it signals that you can expect good luck to come into your life.

The number 21 is a reminder to have a positive attitude and surround yourself with positive people. There are many ways to maintain a positive attitude.
-Gratitude is one of the best ways to cultivate optimism. Try our free gratitude journal to make gratitude part of your daily routine.

  • Positive affirmations can help you improve your outlook. Check out how to write affirmations or take our free online course on how to use affirmations to transform your life.
    -You can also write your affirmations in your journal (see our free journal templates).
  • Use positive affirmations to express positive feelings about yourself or others. For example, when you do something well, don't forget to praise yourself. Positive self-talk is important for feeling good about yourself.
  • When you feel depressed, turn to your support system for help.

Meaning of 21 in Love:

Means you are ready to move into a new stage and this includes your love life. There are five commonly accepted stages that a relationship may go through as it progresses. You may be moving on to a new stage in your relationship. Sometimes the changes are an opportunity to work on communication, compromises, generosity or making more of an effort to have fun together. The change could be to take the relationship to a new level if it is becoming more serious.

Questions for the Angelic Number 21 Journal:

  1. what do you need to let go of to make progress in life?
  2. How can you prepare yourself for the next stages of your life?
  3. What is holding you back from progressing in life?
  4. How can you overcome the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your potential in life?
  5. What is your spiritual mission or life purpose?

Biblical Meaning of 21:

A Look at the Bible: According to Gematria, an ancient practice that assigns numerical values to words, the numerical value of "Bible" adds up to 21. B=2, I=9, B=2, L=3, E=5, totaling 21. This intriguing numerical link leads directly to sacred scripture, suggesting a special connection between the number 21 and the depths of faith. 🕊️📜

The Creation Story and the Trinity: Diving into biblical symbolism, the number 21 intertwines with the creation narrative and the Trinitarian notion. The biblical account of creation unfolds in six days, culminating with the seventh day of rest. This seventh day, essential for fullness and completeness, adds a special dimension to the number 21.

Likewise, by reducing 21 to its essence through numerology (2+1=3), we emerge with the trinity, a concept that resonates in the Bible as the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Here, 21 becomes a living reminder of the divine presence and sacred complexity that permeates existence itself. 🌟🔮

Meaning of Numbers: The Number 21

In the Bible, the number 21 represents the great evil of rebellion and sin. After the children of Israel left Egyptian captivity, they experienced twenty-one major rebellious events while wandering in the wilderness.
The thirteenth, symbolizing depravity and wickedness, is closely related to the twenty-first. What the twenty-one symbolizes is a growth of the thirteen. Adding thirteen (sinfulness) and eight (symbolizing a new beginning) gives us twenty-one, a number that represents the beginning of a new level or endeavor that is sinful and disobedient against God.
On the last day of God's seven-day spring festival, the 21st day of the month of Nisan, the Eternal carried out his final judgment against the Egyptians. He drowned Pharaoh and his entire army in the Red Sea as they pursued the Israelites to enslave them again.
The last day of God's annual Feast of Tabernacles, which occurs each year on the twenty-first day of the seventh Hebrew month, represents the end of Christ's 1,000-year reign on earth. At the end of this period, the devil will also be released from his spiritual prison for a short time.
Satan's first task after being released from prison is to lead people, once again, into war and rebellion against all that is Holy. However, he will only go so far, as God will execute His judgment against the satanic forces by consuming them in fire (Revelation 21:10).
Appearances of Number Twenty-one
Of the 27 books of the New Testament, 21 of them are Epistles in the King James Bible.
The book of Judges and the gospel of John contain 21 chapters. Obadiah, which has only one chapter, has 21 verses as a book.
The book of Hebrews contains material from twenty-one books of the Old Testament.
The word "incense" occurs twenty-one times in Scripture, as does the phrase "the Father." The names James (the great) and James (the lesser) also appear 21 times.
The books of 1 Kings and 2 Kings make 21 references to the sins of Jeroboam (the first king of the Northern Tribes of Israel after their separation from Judah). These references were used to show how Israel continued to disobey God even though He gave them ample time to repent.
Number 21 and Sin

In 2 Timothy, the apostle Paul writes about 21 sins that show the great evil of self and sin. He begins chapter 3 with a warning, "But know this, that in the last days perilous times shall come: for men shall be...". He then proceeds to list the sins in which humans will delight.

  1. Loving selfishly.
    Loving money.
  2. Boasting too much.
  3. Priding oneself.
  4. Blaspheming.
    Disregard and disobey their parents. 7.
  5. Not being thankful for what they have.
  6. Refusing to be saints.
  7. Not having natural affection.
  8. Being inflexible.
  9. Falsely accusing others.
  10. Lacking self-control.
  11. Being fierce.
  12. Hate anyone who does good. 15.
  13. Betray others.
    Act stubbornly.
  14. Having high and selfish views. 18.
  15. Lovers of pleasure.
  16. Rejecting the love of God.
  17. Appearing, superficially, to be pious. 21.
    Denying the power of God.

Paul's final advice to Timothy, after listing all the above sins, is to "depart from all these" (2 Timothy 3:5).

More Information on the Biblical Meaning of 21

21 is the product of 3 x 7, both prime numbers.

21 is considered to be part of a Fibonacci sequence. A Fibonacci sequence is a special set of integers where each number is the sum of the two preceding it. This sequence is 0, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 5, 5, 8, 8, 13, 21, 21, 34, 55, 55, 89, 144, 233 and so on.
Interestingly, the number 21 is equal to adding the first six digits or 1 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6.

At the intersection of the number 21 and the Bible, we discover a reminder of the sacredness that is woven into every strand of our destiny. In the hands of a skilled spiritual healer like Alejandra Leon, this number becomes a beacon that lights the way to deeper understanding and spiritual connection. 🌈✨
May this analysis serve as a gateway to the spiritual wonder that the number 21 unfolds before us, revealing deeper layers of meaning as we venture into the mysterious journey of biblical numerology.

The number 21 in other traditions

Taoism - The Path of Fulfillment: Within the Tao Te Ching, an ancient Taoist text, the number 21 is presented as a symbol of wholeness and fulfillment. It invites us to flow with nature, embracing harmony and understanding the essential truth that lies in universal connection. On this path, 21 guides us towards the realization of our authentic self. 🌿🌀

Bible - Creation and Trinity: In the Bible, the number 21 is linked to creation and the Trinity. Gematria reveals that the numerical value of "Bible" is 21. This number immerses us in the divine mystery of creation and reminds us of the essential unity represented by the Trinity. 📖🌱

Qur'an- The Primordial Unity: In the Qur'an, specifically in verse 21:30, the number 21 appears while describing the initial union of the Earth and the sky. This passage invites us to contemplate the primordial unity and the diversity that arises from it, reminding us of our cosmic connection. 🌌🤲

Hindu Scriptures - Rituals and Cosmic Connection: Within Hindu scriptures, such as the Vedas, the number 21 is intertwined with sacred rituals and connection to cosmic forces. It is associated with the importance of yajna ceremonies, guiding us towards harmony between the divine and the earthly. 🕉️🌠

Shamanism - The Dance of Numbers in Nature: Within shamanism, the number 21 is interpreted as a sacred dance in nature. It represents harmony between the spiritual and earthly world, guiding the vision seeker into deep balance with creation. In every leaf and river, the shaman finds the melody of 21 🍃🌊.

Vedic Traditions - The Yantras and the Inner Cosmos: In the Vedic traditions, specifically through the yantras, the number 21 is intertwined with sacred geometry. Each line and shape of the yantra reflects the divine complexity of the inner cosmos, reminding us that we are microcosms reflecting the macrocosm. 🌌🔷

Transpersonal Psychology - The Awakening of Consciousness: From the perspective of transpersonal psychology, the number 21 marks the awakening of higher consciousness. It represents the path to individuation and the integration of hidden aspects of our being. Here, 21 becomes the key that unlocks the doors to self-transcendence. 🌅🔑

Global Traditions - A Universal Thread of Wisdom: In diverse traditions around the world, the number 21 has been recognized as a universal symbol of completeness and wholeness. From mysterious African rituals to spiritual practices in Asian lands, 21 emerges as a thread that unites different expressions of human spirituality. 🌏🌐

Egyptian Culture - The Fusion of the Divine and the Earthly: In the sands of ancient Egypt, the number 21 resonated with the sacred fusion between the divine and the earthly. The Egyptians, astute observers of the sky, saw in 21 a reflection of cosmic harmony, a reminder that each day was a divine gift. 🌅🏛️

Kabbalistic Numerology - The Secret Energy of Letters: In Kabbalistic mysticism, where numbers are letters and letters are energy, 21 reveals its essence through the unique combination of letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Like a secret melody, the number 21 whispers mysteries that only the spiritual heart can decipher. 🎶🔮

Hinduism - The Chakras and Inner Ascension: the number 21 is connected with the chakras and spiritual ascension. It represents the opening of energetic doors leading to enlightenment. Each level, a rung on the ladder to deeper understanding of oneself and the universe. 🌈🕉️

Sufism - The Number as a Portal to Divine Union: Within Sufi mysticism, 21 becomes a portal to union with the divine. Each number is a gateway, and 21 invites us to cross the threshold into deep understanding of universal truth and unconditional love. 💖🌌

In every culture and religion, the number 21 awakens a unique resonance, reminding us that ultimately we are all intertwined in the same spiritual journey. May this exploration illuminate your own path and connect you to the eternal essence that transcends time and space.

Fortune Charm: Numerous examples in popular culture underscore the consideration of the number 21 as a good luck charm. From gambling to personal choices, the presence of 21 arouses a sense of optimism and positivity. Its symbolism of fortune manifests itself in various forms, reminding us that sometimes numbers carry with them a special aura. 🎰🍀

The Letter U and its Horseshoe Shape: In the alchemical dance of numerology, the letter U, the 21st letter of the alphabet, becomes a centerpiece. Its whimsical shape, reminiscent of a horseshoe, adds a touch of mysticism to the number 21. The horseshoe, an ancestral symbol of good luck, intertwines with the letter U, creating an amalgam of positive energies and divine protection. 🌙🔗

The number 21 becomes a catalyst for auspicious energies. It stands as a reminder that fortune is not just an abstract concept, but a tangible force that can manifest in our daily lives. 🌟💫

The Number 21 and the Angels

The Number 21: A Message of Ascension: When the number 21 presents itself in your life, it is as if the angels are whispering in your ear, reminding you that you are on the path of spiritual ascension. The duality of the 2, the unity of the 1 and the trinity of the 3 intertwine to point forward to a new stage in your journey. 🌈👣

Energies of Numbers 1, 2 and 3: Number 1: In its essence, the 1 is the divine spark, the force that drives new beginnings and the manifestation of your deepest desires. The angels urge you to connect with your inner motivation and remember that you are a creator on your own journey. ✨🌱

Number 2: The 2 carries with it the energy of collaboration, duality and diplomacy. The angels guide you to cultivate harmonious relationships with yourself and others. It's a reminder that, in the dance of life, cooperation is the key. 🤝💖

Number 3: The trinity of 3 resonates with creativity, balance and the connection between mind, body and soul. Angels encourage you to express your unique truth and explore the creative wonders that lie within your being. 🎨🌟

Embracing the Angelic Message of the 21st: When you find the 21st in your path, plant the seed of spiritual awareness. Open your heart to the celestial symphony around you and allow the angels to guide you into a new stage filled with light and purpose. The cosmic dance awaits, will you join it? 💫🌌
Trust that angels dance all around you, weaving threads of love and wisdom into every step of your earthly journey. 🌠💖

Spiritual and psychological significance of the number 21.

The number 21, when viewed from a spiritual and developmental psychological perspective, can be interpreted as a symbol of transition and inner growth. From developmental psychology, it is associated with the arrival of young adulthood and the beginning of a new phase in life.

Psychological Aspect of Number 21: Personal Development

In the field of developmental psychology, the number 21 marks the beginning of emerging adulthood. At this stage, people tend to experience significant growth in terms of identity, independence and responsibility. It is a period in which new opportunities are explored, long-term goals are established and deeper connections with the surrounding world are forged.
From a psychological perspective, the number 21 can represent the consolidation of personality and the beginning of deeper self-reflection. During this phase, individuals may find themselves reflecting on their core values, aspirations and life purpose. The search for meaning and authenticity becomes crucial, and many individuals embark on an inner journey to better understand who they are.

Spiritual Aspect of the Number 21: Transition and Rebirth

From a spiritual perspective, the number 21 symbolizes a phase of transition and rebirth. It represents the opportunity to renew connection with deeper aspects of the self and to seek greater spiritual understanding. In this sense, the number 21 can be interpreted as a call to explore the spiritual dimension of existence and to align oneself with a higher purpose.
Numerology suggests that the reduction of 21 to 3 (2+1=3) resonates with the vibration of balance, harmony and creativity. This spiritual aspect of the number 21 implies the integration of mind, soul and body, fostering a deeper understanding of the connection between the individual and the universe.

Invitation to Inner Exploration and Connection Sessions

This period of change and growth can be further enriched through spiritual practices and connection sessions. I invite those intrigued by the symbolism of the number 21 to explore their inner world through meditation, introspection and activities that nurture their spiritual being. Connecting with experts in personal and spiritual development, such as Alejandra Leon, can provide valuable guidance on this journey toward a deeper understanding of self and life's purpose.

Inspirational Message of the Number 21: Find Your Inner Purpose

In summary, the number 21, from a spiritual and psychological perspective, represents an auspicious time to explore the inner essence and seek a higher purpose. Take advantage of this transitional phase to connect with your deepest values, goals and aspirations. Through introspection and openness to spirituality, you can discover a path of personal growth and inner development that will lead you to a fuller and more meaningful life.

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Key aspects of the number 21 in the tarot:

  1. Cycle Closure: The World card symbolizes the successful conclusion of a journey. It indicates that you have reached a point of closure in an important aspect of your life.
  2. Achievement and Fulfillment: It represents the attainment of your goals and the realization of your aspirations. It is the recognition of your efforts and the reward for your hard work.
    Integration and Synthesis: This number suggests the integration of your past experiences. You have learned valuable lessons and can now apply that wisdom in your daily life.
  3. Universal Connection: The World card also symbolizes connection to the universe and an understanding of your place in the larger fabric of existence.
    Celebration and Harmony: Indicates a period of celebration and harmony. It is a time to recognize and appreciate achievements, as well as to enjoy inner peace.
    Transition to a New Cycle: Although it marks the end of one cycle, it also signals the beginning of a new one. It is a point of transition and renewal to continue evolving.
    In a tarot reading, the presence of the number 21 and the World card suggests that you are at a turning point in your journey. You have reached an important milestone and are ready to move on to new opportunities and challenges. It is a reminder that, through patience and dedication, you can achieve fulfillment in different areas of your life.

Exploring the Number 21 on the Spiritual Path: Practice and Examples

In the spiritual journey, the number 21 reveals itself as a beacon that illuminates our path to deeper understanding and divine connection. Here is how this number can influence our spiritual practice and some practical examples:
Personal Transformation: 21 propels us toward inner transformation. In your spiritual practice, reflect on the aspects of your being that are ready to evolve. Accept the challenge to free yourself from old energies and embrace a spiritual rebirth.
Meditation and Balance: Regular meditation, focused on harmony and balance, can enhance the energy of 21. Take time to calm your mind, connect with your inner self and find that point of balance that nourishes your soul.
3. Conscious Manifestation: Use the vibration of the 21st to consciously manifest your desires. By aligning your thoughts and actions with your spiritual goals, you can open doors to new opportunities and spiritual growth.
4. Personal Numerology: Explore your own personal numerology, considering how the number 21 intertwines with your birth date and name. Seek the unique wisdom this number brings to your individual spiritual journey.
5. Cycles of Renewal: Observe the cycles in your spiritual life. The number 21 suggests the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another. Reflect on the changes you are experiencing and embrace conscious renewal.

By incorporating the energy of the number 21 into your spiritual practice, you will be able to harness its transformative power and open yourself to new dimensions of spiritual understanding and connection. May your journey be filled with light and discovery! 🌟✨

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