Alejandra León

Create what you want for your life

The universe's job is to give and our job is to receive, and we receive to the extent that we are prepared to receive.

Imagine you are in the universal restaurant and you can order whatever you want. In this restaurant they only serve take-out food. However, they don't have the containers to take the food home because they don't know how much food each person wants to take home. You must then go to this restaurant with your own container and you will take as much food as the capacity of the container you have chosen.

In front of you there are unlimited delicacies and you have brought a small container in which you will not be able to take more than a tiny portion of the abundance that you have in front of you.

We are the containers and we go to the universe full of limitations that prevent us from receiving all the abundance of the universe. You usually throw messages to the universe like:

I can't,

I don't have,_ I don't have,

I am no good,_ I am no good, I am no good,

I am not worth it,_ I am not worth it, I am not worth it,

it is impossible,_

I am a failure,_

I am too old,_

it's too late, I don't have the knowledge,_ I'm too old, I'm too old,

I'm out of luck,_

I don't deserve it,_ _

I have no other way out,_

there are no opportunities,_

I am afraid

I don't know, everything goes wrong,_ _

I have very bad luck,_ _

happiness does not exist,_

Money is only for a lucky few and I am not one of them.

Reflect What are your limitations?

and what are the phrases you usually say every day.

The universe pours its limitless abundance upon us all and we each receive what fits within the walls of our own limitations.

We could do a dissertation on how these limitations have come to you, through the collective consciousness and the individual consciousness, and yet this would be a waste of time for you and me.

No matter how these limitations have come to you, the important thing is that you become aware of which limitations are preventing you from receiving the abundance of the universe and that you remove them.

Explore what happened in your childhood, what messages you have heard and how they have influenced who you are today.

The only secret to receive the abundance of the universe is precisely to free yourself from your limitations, from your fears, from the negative feelings that past experiences have left inside you.

The abundance of the universe is there for everyone, for you, for me, the responsibility now is to know how to explore the past to learn to receive in the present.

The approach to healing with money, I have done it from a perspective of the beliefs I have about it, about people who have money, about what has happened in my life when there has been money, when there has not been money, when I left the impoverished context in which I was born and grew up. About the relationship I have had with him since I was a little girl and what it has meant for him to come into my life little by little.

I propose you the following exercise

It has been a prelude to my own healing process with giving and receiving, with deserving, with flow and abundance.

I hope this information has been useful to you, and if you want to work on the emotions of deserving, abundance and flow of life, do not hesitate to get in contact Thanks for reading and sharing.


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