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Connecting with your roots: How to heal and get to know your parents better through holistic questioning

Our relationship with our parents is one of the most important in our lives, but it can often be difficult to build a deep connection with them. While it is easy to see them only as "parents," we must remember that they are also people with their own experiences and challenges.

That is why connecting with the energy of the earth, our roots and doing a deep energetic cleansing can help us heal wounds and develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and our family relationships.

In this healing process, family constellations and holistic therapy can be very effective tools. If you are looking for answers and healing in your life, a good way to start is by asking questions of our parents to get to know them as whole people. We are not trying to forgive unforgivable behaviors or erase the past. This is a process of growth, healing and understanding, which will allow us to let go of what no longer serves us and develop a deeper and healthier relationship with our roots and our ancestors.

Knowing our family history is a gateway to understanding our own history, and can help us overcome difficult situations in our personal and professional lives.

When you begin this process of asking your parents questions about who they are, it changes the way you look at yourself, at them, at the trangenerational, family loyalties and all that you carry in you that you don't always recognize as yours.

*When we do not know how to act in front of a possible problem, asking for advice to our closest relatives can be the most common solution to the doubts we have. Knowing how they overcame certain situations can be very useful in our personal and professional life. Knowing the history of those who came before us is a gateway to knowing and understanding our own history.

Are you ready to begin this process of healing and personal growth?

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