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Are you a cat lover who enjoys tarot and is exploring the universe of tarot? 🐱✨ Additionally, do you like coloring? 🎨 Well, today I want to welcome you to the launch of my new book, "Tarot Cats for Coloring." This is not just a coloring book; it's a magical gateway to the depth of tarot, merging the magic of the 22 archetypes of the Major Arcana with the tenderness and symbolism of cats. 🌌🔮

Each of the 88 cards you'll find in this book has been designed with love and care, offering a new, playful perspective on growth, transformation, and connection with our unconscious and the symbolism that tarot cards hold for you. 💖 If this is the first time you're hearing from me, let me introduce myself. I'm Alejandra León, a shamanic healer with over two decades of experience as a psychologist. 🌟

In my therapeutic approach, I've integrated tarot as a tool, and this book is part of the project to provide tools and resources for each of you. Remember, when working with this book, you're reducing stress, fostering creativity, improving concentration, allowing space for emotional expression, and digitally disconnecting. It's an intergenerational activity for children, young adults, and seniors, promoting connections with our inner child. 🌈👧👦🧑👴

This Cats coloring book complements my 🔮 Oráculo en línea, which you can find on AlejandraLeó, where the Tarot of the Cats is also available. 🌐 So, each time you color one of the Arcana, you can consult the oracle and the message each cat has for you. 🔍🐾

I invite you to dive into the magic of this unique, rich, deep, and very fun book, available in Spanish and English in my Amazon store.

🛒 Thank you for buying, sharing, and enjoying it.

Cat Tarot Coloring Book

🙏 Share your creations on social media, and let's continue delving into the beautiful magic of tarot from different perspectives. A huge hug, have a happy day, and thank you for being part of this creative and transformative journey. 🤗🌟

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