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Embark on a unique journey towards personal healing and awakening, where shamanic wisdom intertwines with transformative psychology.

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Holistic Therapy

Embrace wholeness, understanding the sacred union between mind, body, emotions, and soul. Delve into the root, not only addressing symptoms but also the true causes lying deep within. Through various techniques, my goal is to help you cultivate authentic and lasting personal growth, nurturing fulfillment and balance in every aspect of your life.

Psycho-Shamanic Healing

Dive into the deep transformation of Psycho-Shamanic Healing: Release blockages, balance energies, and discover your inner power in this unique journey towards integral well-being

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Discover the secrets that the cards have reserved for you with our Intuitive Tarot Reading: A mystical journey towards clarity and self-discovery

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing dives into the depths of lineage, recognizing how past stories shape our present. It unravels family energies and hidden patterns that influence our lives today. By releasing ancestral burdens and wounds, we seek healing for the soul, abundance, and prosperity

Energy Cleansing for Homes and Businesses

Experience the magic of Shamanic Energy Cleansing: Clear negative energies and open the doors to positivity, health, and prosperity in your home or business

Regression Therapy

Regression therapy takes you on a journey into your deepest emotional roots. Through deep relaxation, we explore significant moments of your personal history, from the womb to past traumas or past lives. Discover and release what is hidden in your unconscious to heal and transform your present life.


Biodecoding helps you identify and release emotional conflicts that manifest as physical symptoms, promoting your comprehensive healing and personal well-being.

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Hi, I'm Alejandra

Welcome to the fascinating world of Psycho-Shamanic Healing! I am Alejandra León, creator of the innovative Psycho-Shamanic Healing Method, a path that merges over 20 years of experience as a psychologist with the ancestral shamanic wisdom that flows in my blood, inherited from my great-grandmother, a descendant of the Pijaos Tribe in Tolima, Colombia. My roots are connected with the teguas, the indigenous wise men and women who guided with deep pharmacological knowledge derived from natural substances.

In my sessions, I deploy a range of powerful tools that embrace Transpersonal Psychology, Energy Healing Therapies, Enneagram, intuitive healing, Reiki, Channeling with guides, Akashic records, Family Constellations, transgenerational therapy, regression therapy, Psychotarot, Coaching, Biological Decoding of Diseases, and Counseling, among others. I invite you to explore this universe where the convergence of practices will provide you with a unique and transformative experience.

If you want to learn more about my therapeutic approach and how I can be your guide on this healing journey, explore my profile. I am here to accompany you on the path to profound and lasting transformation.

Welcome to the journey of Psycho-Shamanic Healing!

Awaken your inner potential and transform your life with my unique fusion of shamanism, healing, and psychology.

Do you want to transform your life in an extraordinary way? Discover a deep journey towards holistic healing with my psycho-shamanic approach. Release limiting patterns, heal ancestral bonds, and unleash your full potential. Work on your mind, body, and spirit for real transformation in all areas of your life.

Imagine freeing yourself from past emotional burdens and living fully in the present!

In my psycho-shamanic sessions, we will explore paths of deep healing together, releasing your true self and unlocking your wholeness. With intuitive tarot, you will receive clarifying messages that will guide you in crucial decisions with confidence, providing you with hope and peace. Additionally, my Energy Clearing and Home Blessing sessions lay the foundation for attracting happiness, abundance, and protection.

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